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In Gods Name
Piece Of The World
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Eric Van Roy---vocals

Gesuino Derosas---guitars

Hanz Martens---keyboards,piano



guest musicians :

Eric Coenen---bass

Hans Eijkenaar---drums

Wim Hagen--drums

Fred Hendrix--backing vocals

Leonie Van Der Loo--backing vocals




Derosas is named after my Gesuino's last name and is a project I started a few years ago , after Terra Nova had split up.

Terra Nova has released cd's for Victor, Japan and Frontiers Records since the late nineties . I was playing guitar in that band (and still am ; TN had some new releases last year).

At first working on this project felt sort of lonely because I was writing and recording demos on my own, in my home environment. But I also realized that this is the way I can be one with my music: locked up in my home and drinking lots of coffee with and/or without alcohol.

From time to time though, I need some feedback from an open mind. So I contacted my 'ol friend Hanz Martens who produced several projects over the years and happens to be a very good keyboard and piano player.

Of course I needed a singer to sing all the lyrics I wrote when I was drinking all that coffee.

The moment that I heard Eric Van Roy sing one of my demo's, which I had 'sang' before he came in, I was completely blown away. He took away my doubts over the songs, and gave my rock songs a more soulful flavor.

For drums and bass Hans Eijkenaar and Eric Coenen were hired .

At this time I am writing and recording songs to complete my album. Their samples will be added to the 'music' space soon.

Listen to the samples by clicking on the guitar, the music button and than on a 'city'. Feel free to sign the guest book or send a mail by clicking on the mail/links button.




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